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Electric Adjustable Bed

Electric Ajustable BedsStruggling to sleep at night ?
Whatever the reason for your lack of sleep, an electric adjustable bed can help you to relax and get a good night's sleep. Multiposition adjustable beds can help you find just the right position for that good night's sleep.

As well as ensuring that you get the right electric adjustable bed, you need to make sure that you don't cut costs with the mattress. It can be tempting to get a soft mattress in the belief that this will be more comfortable. Unfortunately, a softer mattress may not give you the support you require. Your bed retailer/supplier can recommend the best matress for you, that will work well with the bed you are buying.

Electric adjustable beds are available in all traditional sizes from small single to king size. In addition, some suppliers are able to make adjustable beds to your own specification. Adjustable beds are not just for the elderly - they are suitable for anyone looking for a more comfortable night's sleep.


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An electric adjustable bed does not need to be an eyesore in your bedroom! Many adjustable beds have been designed not just with useability in mind but also aesthetics.

Oakdale beds in particular have designed their range not just to work well but to look great. Gone are the days when an adjustable bed would make your bedroom look like a ward in the local hospital!

The following manufacture and/or supply electric adjustable beds:

Mobility King